Briane Amodeo

Making your moments memories.

Briane Amodeo has been the official photographer for the Chicago Blitz Professional Indoor Football team since its inaugural season in 2014. Over the years Bri has been professional and reliable. Her high-quality photo shots capture the fast action football plays, as well as excellent still shots of players, fans, and the Blitz Girl Dancers.

Thank you BriAmo Photography for the fantastic photos! We highly recommend her services for any occasion or event to capture precious moments.

Coach O. and Kim O. (The Chicago Blitz Ownership) - Football

Anyone can take a picture, but it takes a true professional to capture a moment. Briane has the unique ability to capture these moments. She has always been a pleasure to work with on our football team.

Mike M. - Football

Briane is a versatile, personable, and enthusiastic artist who uses her professional skills in creative ways to capture the moments that embody the event. Briane can translate any location, specialty, and performer from a moving, morphing subject into still images that maintain the depth experienced in the original moment. I am always grateful to collaborate with such a hardworking and adaptable photographer!

Tosha K - Performance Arts